Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute

We are excited to include your needs and ideas in shaping the next decade of wilderness research. Your input will help to identify the “universe” of potential research needs relevant to wilderness stewardship and science.

We understand that you may have specific questions or needs in mind, and may have varying levels of interest or time to engage in a deeper brainstorming activity; therefore, we offer two options to facilitate the process, you may select one or both options.

1. Simply provide any science or knowledge transfer needs that you consider relevant and/or important within a wilderness context; or
2. Engage with, explore, and add to a draft list of science needs, which is broadly categorized under four research areas, with more specific research topics and research questions nested within these four areas. When working through the draft list, please add any topics or questions that may be missing in each section.

After you provide input on potential science needs, we request a few demographics to understand, broadly, who has provided input (e.g. NPS, USFS, BLM, non-profit, friends groups, concerned citizen, etc).

Thank you for your engagement and help to define the next decade of wilderness research at the Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute. START PROVIDING INPUT

Choose a research area from the left to explore the draft list of science needs and start adding your research topics and questions. Or simply provide your science or knowledge transfer needs in the text box below.

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